Whether glass block or vinyl, Wayne Garage Doors offers multiple window solutions for your home. Our products are built to last and offer energy efficiency as well as security for your home.

Endure Windows

ProVia’s Endure vinyl windows offer maximum energy efficiency while displaying stunning beauty. For all who have been searching for attractive, energy-efficient, high-performance vinyl windows, let us clear the way. The Endure™ Window Series has been independently tested to meet strict energy efficiency standards and is ENERGY STAR® certified.

Endure brand windows come standard with the highest-quality frame and sash designs and ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing, a high-tech glass package that measurably improves thermal performance—for less heat loss, warmer glass temperatures and reduced interior condensation.

For the Endure vinyl window line, ProVia has chosen the optimum levels of technology to make a window that will work continually at peak performance. Endure windows provide all that you would expect from energy-efficient, high-performance vinyl windows, using much less energy to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provide more comfort all year round.

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Glass Block Windows

Power Flex™ Glass Block Windows are uniquely constructed using Power Flex High Modulus Adhesive, specially formulated for strength and longevity. Perfect for structural glazing, it also provides security, translucent beauty, and a lasting bond that no other joint material can deliver.

Power Flex™ Features:

  • Stronger, longer lasting joints than any prefab glass block window available.
  • Easier to handle and install. Lighter. Virtually indestructible.
  • Better Installation. No mortar to transfer cold.
  • Gap-free barrier keeps rain outside.

Security, privacy, thermal efficiency, and sound deadening are among the most practical reasons to install glass block. Replacing your existing bathroom, basement or garage windows with new glass block windows is also one of the most cost-effective upgrades for your home.  Glass block provides a dramatic, upscale look for large exterior windows, shower doors, wet bars, and wall partitions. Glass block windows can also be vented to allow for air flow.

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